Road Trip to Leavenworth

A couple of sunny fall days in the forecast so we packed our bags for an overnight trip to Leavenworth.  I had to remove the stowaway who was hoping to tag along.  (Sorry Benji, you wouldn’t like the car ride.)

The sun was shining and the road was bare as we headed northeast on Highway 2, surrounded by mountains and rivers, all lit up with fall color.

We stopped for pictures of Mt Index and were reminded to be on the alert for Bigfoot who is known to frequent the area. (We didn’t see him.)

We continued over Stevens Pass, until we ended up alongside the Wenatchee River, beautiful Tumwater Canyon and finally Leavenworth.

Leavenworth was once a dying logging town but reinvented itself as a Bavarian Village in the nineteen sixties.  It’s now a popular travel destination with charming shops, restaurants and festivals.

After settling into our hotel, we went out for lunch and some shopping.  Not surprisingly I was able to find a few things to buy, before walking down to Waterfront Park where the Wenatchee River flows through town.

Hard to believe all this beauty happened on day one.  On day two, we traveled to nearby Icicle Creek and the trailhead to the Enchantments, a famous backpack into the Alpine Lakes Wilderness.  We also stopped by Wenatchee to visit the Market and take a walk along the mighty Columbia. Too many pictures and more story to tell, so I will save that for my next post.

Until then,

~  Susanne

10 Comments on “Road Trip to Leavenworth

  1. What a great trip. So picturesque. I presume this is not the same Leavenworth where the famous prison is situated?
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Yes, a wonderful trip over the mountains to Leavenworth, Washington (not Kansas of prison fame which no one wants to visit I presume!) 🙂 Susanne

  2. Humm, in those beautiful places even the benji would like to go. And who will take care of them?

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