Rounded Benji

This week’s photo challenge reminds me of Benji, a soft and curvy, well-rounded kitty.


14 Comments on “Rounded Benji

  1. Effie is hyper-flexible too, but she’s doing a light-speed hula in the process, making it tough to get a photo!

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  3. Aawww! I always remember our cat falling asleep like that on his chair… and falling off. Yes. Really. He didn’t even manage to land on his paws! Whereupon he stalked off with his tail in the air with an expression on his face as much as to say, ‘You didn’t see that. You did NOT see that!’ I don’t think he liked the fact that we laughed!

      • Indeed 🙂 Apologies for reading all your posts at once, by the way. For various reasons, I’ve been away from the blogging for a week or two, but I do love all your pictures. It’s very grey today in Romania, so nice to see something a bit more cheerful!

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