Benji – A Day in Pictures

Too High Up


Hunting Moths 



Another good day.

~ Benji

4 Comments on “Benji – A Day in Pictures

    • No, thankfully that woodpecker was at least 30 feet high on that Doug fir. Thanks for your comment. Benji is the best model. ☺

  1. Benji has some great poses! That woodpecker looks tasty… Too bad it was way up that big tree. My favorite pictures are “Reflecting” and “Resting.” You look very handsome in all the pictures, hunting or sitting or watching.
    Be seeing you,

    • Thank you! Sue thinks I am handsome too! She was happy the bird was high up in the tree but I was not! She prefers I stick to moles and mice and I am good at catching those. 😊 Benji

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