Happy Monday from Cats and Trails and Garden Tales


After waking up all groggy and sleepy-eyed I ended up in my office with my morning coffee for a quiet time.  Tiger joined me and appreciated having the prime real estate to himself since Benji was outside.  He asked for nothing more than a little love and attention which I gladly gave.

Soon contented, he sprawled out among his toys for a morning nap without fear of  the little one’s harassment.


After I was revived Bob and I went for a morning walk at our favorite local park where all was cool yet sunny, vibrant, and clear.


After our walk, I visit the garden.  It’s early but the herbs are already cheerful and bright and loads of strawberries have set on and should ripen soon.

Cats Revisited

As I write this it’s now Benji’s turn in the office but he prefers sleeping in the chair and that puts a big smile on my face..

and his too.

Happy Monday from Cats and Trails and Garden Tales!

~  Susanne

8 Comments on “Happy Monday from Cats and Trails and Garden Tales

  1. Aww! Just love Benji and Tiger. Cats are so cute when they sleep! Plus your outdoor photos are beautiful!

  2. Is that hairbrush a cat toy? Or just a cat brush?
    Looks like you had a sunny day.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Ah you found me! It’s a cat hairbrush among the other cat paraphernalia! And yes we’ve had lots of sun lately though rain returns tomorrow. I guess we have to take turns with the sunshine! ☺

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