Word of the Day – Synchronized 

Synchronized Cats.

– Tiger and Benji

8 Comments on “Word of the Day – Synchronized 

    • Yeah me too. they looked pretty intense in all the pictures I took of them outside today. Who knows what lurks in those woods!

  1. They appear to both be concentrating on the same thing. I’m guessing a bird? It is a great shot, to get them with identical expressions.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      • I always think that Ollie watches ghosts. He stares at the corner of the ceiling sometimes, and his head appears to follow something around the room. Spooky!

      • Bob always says they must have seen the boogey kitty! 🙂 ~ I’m thinking it’s that their hearing is so good, they are listening to hidden and far away things!

  2. I wonder if they sense something beyond our human understanding…I’ve always believed animals can see things we can’t. Spooky but mesmerizing photo!

    • Thank you for your comment! I think their physical senses are greater than ours, especially hearing and maybe sight too.. animals know to run for higher ground during nature’s storms for instance before humans do. Who knows what the boys were listening to in this picture? 🙂

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