Daily Prompt: Fortune

This is Benji and Sue asked me to tell you about my good fortune.

When my mama delivered me and my brothers and sisters it was into a home where forty other cats already lived with human Cat Mama.  From the start I knew it wasn’t normal.  It was too dirty and crowded, food distribution was not fair and I was hungry.  When I couId talk, I discussed it with some of the older ones there including One-Eye, NoTail and Sheba. They told me it was better than living under the house which they used to do, and they frightened me with their before stories. I wondered at my fate.

After a few months human Cat Mama disappeared and soon after that some other humans came to rescue us.  I don’t remember much from that time, other than when I woke up I was in a new place.  I felt strange and my ear was bleeding.  Just when I was ready to despair, my fortune turned to the very best it could be!  Three humans came into my room and started petting me and loving me.  Even though I was afraid, I was on my best behavior so I would be chosen.  And that is how  I came to live with Bob and Sue and Grandma and Tiger.  Now I sleep on a big bed (or wherever else I want to), and it’s all you can eat!

This is my picture when I first arrived home.  I was little then.

I’m so happy in my new home.  My chopped ear reminds me where I came from.  That is the meaning of Fortune to me.

~ from Benji


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7 Comments on “Daily Prompt: Fortune

  1. Benji, what a touching story! I am so happy for you! You have come through so much, and I commend you for still trusting humans when Sue, Bob, and Grandma sealed your good fortune with their love and safekeeping. I think you are adorable! May your forever home be blessed always, as mine has been.

    • thank you Effie! I call it my good fortune but Sue calls it a blessing to all of us! 🙂 ~ Benji

  2. My Mom and Dad feel blessed to have me with them too–and so do I. I just wish sometimes there were another cat in the house. . . ❤ ^-.-^ ❤

    • I’m happy that I have Tiger though sometimes it is not easy. Maybe if you wish hard enough it will come to pass!

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