Splish Splash Taking a Bath – Birds in my Garden

This week has definitely gone to the birds!

After several days of record-breaking temperatures, I’ve been running the sprinklers in the early morning, which has drawn even more birds than usual. So, while I sit on the deck with my coffee and camera in hand (not at the same time) I enjoyed all the birds who stopped by for a bath and a bite to eat.

The first stars of the show were the Wilson’s Warblers, though if you kept up with my last post, I originally mislabeled as Goldfinches. The Goldfinch is Washington’s state bird and is resident year-round, though I rarely see them in my garden. These tiny warblers are only here in the Northwest during breeding season, and this is the first time I’ve seen them.

Here’s a few more pictures of those cuties, the female first, lacking the shiny black cap of the male, which follows.

I often see Spotted Towhees in my yard, but this is the first time I’ve seen a male and a female together. The Towhee is a handsome, large sparrow; the males also have the darker black head, the female lighter in color.

I also enjoyed my regulars including black-capped chickadees, house finches, and juncos.

Surprisingly the hummingbirds have been scarce the last few weeks, off nesting I believe. When I have seen them at the feeders, I’ve not had my camera in hand, or haven’t been quick enough to get good photos, as you can see below. Even so, I wanted to include them.

And that’s enough of the birds this week.

~ Susanne

19 Comments on “Splish Splash Taking a Bath – Birds in my Garden

  1. We crept up to 17C today in bright sunshine, but not hot enough to have to put water out for the birds, especially with a river so close to the house. Lovely photos, Susanne,.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Thanks, Pete. We are finally back to normal temps for this time of year, so I may not need to use the sprinkler as regularly as this past week. Even without it, the local birds know they can find water in our birdbaths.

  2. A bird bath is such a nice addition to a garden and a great spot for getting photos. These are excellent. I wondered about the black cap on the goldfinch, but it’s been ages since I saw one so wasn’t sure about it. Great though that it was a new visitor for you.

    • Thanks, Graham. It was a good week for backyard birding. They really do need water sources, especially during the hot spells. I got lots of feedback when I posted my ‘goldfinches’ to my Facebook PNW Bird Group. I learned in short order that I’d been visited by Wilson’s Warblers! 🙂

      • I like that kind of feedback. There are a few sites I use to help ID things new to me and I;m immensely grateful for their feedback and tolerance!

  3. How lovely to be able to sit and watch (and photograph) these beauties! The Towhees are indeed handsome but my favourites are the bright little Warblers 💛

    • Thanks, Sarah. It was so pleasant to sit with my coffee and watch these lovelies. I see the Towhees out there this morning and the Warblers have been returning too, which was extra special. 😍

  4. Although I regularly saw towhees in Portland I have only spotted them here once. I loved watching them scratch in the leaves for bugs. Thanks for the photos.

    • So glad you enjoyed them. I’m seeing a lot if towhees this year, both male and female. They’re fun to watch and really enjoy their baths.

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