A Visitation of Goldfinches! Updated!

Sorry to do another bird post so soon – it was only yesterday I shared with you the nesting house finches in my garden – but I couldn’t wait.

Because even though the Goldfinch is the Washington State Bird, I rarely see them, especially in my yard, and when I first published this story, I thought they were indeed goldfinches.

A little flock of bright yellow birds visited me yesterday. After several days of record-breaking heat in the Seattle area, with temperatures reaching 90 degrees, they were no doubt seeking water.

I had just put the sprinkler on and sat down to rest and see who might show up.

I soon caught flashes of bright yellow – what a treat! They stood out among the regulars who blend in more easily with their surroundings – chickadees, house finches, juncos, and nuthatches. I thought surely, they were Goldfinches.

But when I later, posted the same photos on my Facebook PNW Birders group, I learned they’re actually Wilson’s Warblers, which according to the group is even better, as they’re only here for breeding season and hard to capture. So, there you have it. You learn something new every day! 🙂

~ Susanne

30 Comments on “A Visitation of Goldfinches! Updated!

  1. These goldfinches are so pretty, Susanne! And we have seen a pair here recently! I’m so excited to know these are the state bird! You just reminded me we need to get a bird bath (will be 90 this weekend here)! What a gorgeous garden you have.

  2. We have Greenfinches in the front hedge, but Goldfinches close to houses are rare here. Lovely photos, Susanne.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      • I just learned from my Facebook bird group, these are actually called Wilson’s Warblers. Fooled me, so I’ll be updating this post later today!

    • Thanks, Graham. We had crazy hot for the last few days with record temps. Don’t know what that means for our summer! But I loved having these bright little birds drop by.

  3. They are so sweet. I love the black patch. I get fire finches. The males are dark pink with faint white spots on the crest. The females are gray with light pink crests with the same spots as the males. I adore them!

  4. They are cute little birds.We never see them anymore because we stopped putting the thistle feeder out.

    • These are sweet birds indeed! They’re actually Wilson’s Warblers, not Goldfinches as I originally thought. they only visit the PNW during breeding season, so it’s an extra treat to have them visit. 🙂 Goldfinches are beautiful too, but I still don’t know whether I’ve seen them in my garden!

  5. That’s funny. I thought that goldfinches in Washington sure are different from ours! And of course they weren’t goldfinches at all. Lovely photos. We have many goldfinches. They especially love to eat the sunflower seed at the end of the growing season.

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