Cats Seeking Shelter in the Rainy Northwest and Baseball – Revisited!

After a long, cold winter, we have now settled into a typical rainy spring. The garden is loving it and new plants are being thoroughly watered in.

Cats seek shelter wherever they can find it, if they are willing to go out at all.

When inside, they have baseball to watch though our Seattle Mariners are not off to a good start. (Fooled us again.)

Tiger watches attentively while Benji is more distracted,

and hushed by his older brother.

~ Susanne and Tiger and Benji

16 Comments on “Cats Seeking Shelter in the Rainy Northwest and Baseball – Revisited!

  1. That top photo is really quite lovely. As for the Mariners, it’s early days, but they do have a great track record for disappointing!

    • Thanks, Graham. There were great expectations for the M’s this year, then they lost most of the games in the opening homestand. Hopefully it will get better!

  2. I saw both posts in notifications, so came straight to this one. I’m going to guess that Tiger is watching the ball! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. Cute cat photos and captions, though I’m sorry to hear your Mariners aren’t doing too well

    • Thanks, Sarah. It was a disappointing homestand, but they did manage to win yesterday. I’m a fair weather fan!

  4. Love that “outdoor living room” sheltering Benji. Wise cat! Two (feral?) cats in my rural area chose the hay/feed room in my horse barn for a rain shelter, they go to the very top of the stack of hay (what’s left of it by this time of year, just enough remaining to make it to harvest in late June). So I leave the door ajar so they can come and go as they wish with the storm bursts – lately about every two hours here. I am trying to like this weather. I am not succeeding.

    • I`m so glad some kitties found shelter in your barn. It’s been a pretty miserable spring so far as the weather goes and I’m eagerly awaiting clear skies and sunshine!

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