A Walk in the Woods at Nolte State Park

We took a walk through the woods last week, at Nolte State Park, not for the first time nor the last – it’s one of our favorite local hikes. An easy, mostly level, trail around Deep Lake, it’s only a mile and a quarter long, and good for walking all times of year, rain or shine.

On this particular day, we found the sun lighting the path, and occasionally peeking through the tree canopy.

We found many downed trees along the trail, both new and old,

this one apparently happy with its recent fate.

Those fallen long ago have already transformed into their new selves,

strange and mysterious.

Those decaying but still standing, give fertile ground to other life forms.

We passed a stagnant section of the lake, cutoff from the source, the kind of place you might find a gator if this were the south; thankfully it’s not.

Instead, we saw this little turtle sunning himself.

And further on the trail, a fisherman doing the same.

~ Susanne

17 Comments on “A Walk in the Woods at Nolte State Park

  1. I love that big shelf mushroom. I have one that I painted, but it is much smaller.

  2. I can see why this is a favourite walk – it would be for me too if I lived nearby πŸ™‚

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