Silence – On Hood Canal

When life is hectic and I’m looking for quiet I remember Hood Canal.

Where clouds like memories rest low on the mountains and mingle with smoke from wood stoves.

Where forests are fresh and damp,

and oysters cover the beaches.

I close my eyes and feel the silence.

Sharing for Sunday Stills.

~ Susanne

31 Comments on “Silence – On Hood Canal

  1. Wow – love the pictures and they do lead one to think of the silence in the woods and the mountains and a lake.

  2. That’s clearly a beautiful and restful place. I love the words you’ve chosen to describe it, perfect for these tranquil images.

  3. Thank you again for photos that immediately instill peace and calm in viewers, like me, so worried about where things are headed here, there, and everywhere. A lovely respite, Susanne. I usually leave your posts open on my desktop much of the day for a mental refresher each time I sit down to my PC for daily multitasking. So many of us yearn for peace and quiet or at least if there are sounds those are lapping wavelets or whispering air through tree branches. Silence and silence enhanced by nature is underappreciated. Silence and silence enhanced by nature as called forth by evocative photography? WIN!

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