Living it Up with the Birds!

When you share about the birds in your garden as often as I do, you become hard-pressed to find new titles for your post, hence the name above! Still, it’s not far from the truth.

The birds do indeed seem to live it up in my backyard where they have trees, housing, food, birdbaths and even a stream to enjoy.

(Click on pictures in the galleries to enlarge them)

Okay, so maybe Bob went a bit overboard on the birdhouses. At least that what I told him recently. Then again, they’re seeing a lot of action this summer.

The nuthatch was busy checking this one out high above the ground.

He also checked out a colorful, swinging, model as a chickadee waited nearby. It’s a tight market – you snooze you lose.

Whichever house they choose, they all appreciate the amenities offered in the yard

Splish splash they were taking a bath!

The brown creeper hides in plain sight – completely camouflaged! Not sure whether he’s interested in the new house mounted nearby.

There are no nesting boxes for the hummingbirds, they’re not cavity dwellers. They build their own tiny nests in the trees though I’ve never seen one.

Still they’re pleased to come to the feeders every day, often reminding me when they need a refill. The Anna’s hummingbirds are year-round in my yard, rain, shine, and even snow.

The males are the handsome ones with the ruby crown and neck. What female could resist him?

And that’s enough of the birds for today!

Until next time. πŸ™‚

~ Susanne

30 Comments on “Living it Up with the Birds!

  1. I love all of the birdhouses your husband built! He’s very good at it. Beautiful photos, Susanne! ❀️

  2. Oh my. So serene, so tranquil, with just water sounds, feathers meeting breeze, and bird arias. For my next life, I would like to come back as one of your birds! Is the stream an original feature or one helped via your resident landscape architect?

    • My dear husband and resident landscape architect built the stream. It truly does look natural though I turn it on with the flip of a switch!

  3. It’s always good to preserve/provide habitat for the birds. Your yard is a big winner for that.

  4. Your birds are so lucky to have you! You think of their every need, it’s the perfect place to live πŸ™‚ No wonder the houses are in such high demand!

  5. Your backyard looks amazing, Susanne! At my former Sacramento home, the backyard was small enough to stock the birds on a regular basis. We had year-round Annas, too, but too cold here although there have been reports of hummers hanging around. We don’t have the trees yet, but you’ve given me a good idea for attaching some cute houses to my she-shed. We get those violet-green swallows in early spring! Beautiful shots of the hummer!

    • Thanks, Terri. It’s a win-win for us and the birds. We get to enjoy nature, close up and beautiful, and the birds have a watering place and housing. I love them all, but probably enjoy the hummingbirds and chickadees the most. They’re colorful, curious, and friendly. I imagine you’ll have those but also varieties of birds I don’t get over here. A few trees and water will really draw them., along with some birdhouses. Swallows are beautiful. Although I occasionally see them in the parks here, I’ve never seen them in my yard. Perhaps they prefer more open space. I have my regulars and the occasional rare visitor, all are welcome! πŸ™‚

  6. The birds only use our two birdhouses early in the Spring. Once the chicks have flown, we never see tthe birds come back to them until next year. You are lucky to get some ‘Summer action’. πŸ™‚
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Thanks, Pete. I was so surprised to see them checking out the housing this late in the year. But I did some research and found some do indeed continue nesting into August. I also read that some cavity dwellers will use the boxes to stay warm in winter! So maybe they’re planning ahead! 😊

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