Benji’s Herb Bed


You’ll find him between the catmint and the chives.

~ Susanne and Benji

27 Comments on “Benji’s Herb Bed

  1. Beautiful photos of your furry friend, Susanne! He’s so handsome. 😻❀️

  2. He’s gorgeous! What a good spot for Naps and Spying on the rest of the yard.

    • Thank you! Yes, he’s carved out quite a nice place for himself. Can even have a few bites of catmint whenever he pleases!

  3. If you carefully clip the chive flowers and put them in a small bud-type vase they will last as cut flowers for more than two weeks without wilting! I sheared my overgrown chive pot recently in preparation for repotting the windowsill planter, but couldn’t bear to toss the pretty little purple just-opening buds so did this and they have graced my reading table for 17 days and counting!

    • I mainly let them stay in the garden for the bees. But yesterday I cut my favorite orange rose and added some chives to the vase for color contrast.

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