Sunset over Lake Quinault

We happened to pick the best weather days this year to get away to Lake Quinault. The lake was completely still and reflected sunset perfectly.

We also took the most enchanting walk through the rain forest which I hope to share later this week.

In the meantime, hope you have a happy Monday!


17 Comments on “Sunset over Lake Quinault

  1. We stayed by Lake Quinault too and loved it! But we weren’t in the lodge but in a place a bit further along the road. We got a great sunset too but with colours very different to yours, more pinks and deep blues.

    • It was fun to watch as the sunset progressed from yellow and gold to blues and pink, then to the deeper reds and oranges. I took some of those pinks and blues too but these are from my phone and easiest to share on the road.

    • Thanks, Pete. We were so happy to enjoy good weather while visiting the Olympic Peninsula, and really enjoyed the sunsets over the lake. 😊

  2. Beautiful sunset pics! I look forward to your rainforest pictures. We went there once, before we even moved to WA, and found it fascinating!!

  3. The first shot almost seems an optical illusion. Which is up and which down? I wonder what it would look like flipped around and if someone could tell which was which. (Hope that is less confusing than it looks as I type it!)

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