Some Favorite Photos for #Bloganuary

I haven’t participated much in #Bloganuary; for some reason the questions haven’t resonated with me. And I was going to skip this one too – as it is unanswerable.

“What is your favorite photo you’ve ever taken?”

Are you kidding me? A single photo??

Instead, I’ve decided to pick out a handful from the hundreds I call favorites.

The Birds and the Bees

I love this picture of an Anna’s hummingbird suspended midair, watching me, as they often do. I also like the colorful backdrop, which I miss since the woods were razed behind our house.

I also love watching the bees and other insects as they work my herb garden. I’m blessed to have them visit.

Favorite Places

I’m also blessed to live in Washington State with Mt. Rainier in my backyard. Too, too many pictures to choose from, but I’ll give you this one taken near Paradise, at Reflection Lakes.

And I will never, ever, get tired of Lake Crescent on the Olympic Peninsula.

Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for! You didn’t think I would leave these two out, did you?




And that will do for my ‘favorite photo’ at least for today! 🙂

~ Susanne

26 Comments on “Some Favorite Photos for #Bloganuary

  1. You nailed that hummingbird photo. I can see why you are proud of it. I enjoyed you entire gallery. I’m highly disappointed the WP topics.

    • Thanks so much! I’ve taken many hummingbird pictures, but I always go back to this one as being the most special. And I agree with you on the WP topics. They are somehow uninspiring.

      • Especially for us photographers. Even when we do use pictures and words together, there is a unique story to them. Most of their questions are photo less. I’m on a rant can you tell. 😀

  2. Since I post virtually every day, I didn’t see the next to jump on this one – questions that as you say, for the most part just didn’t resonate with me….but these are beautiful photos, and I agree that choosing one is impossible and in my opinion, unnecessary

    • I’ve only found a few of the questions to be good prompts. And there was no way I could ever pick a single, favorite photo. But it was fun trying to find a few of my favorites out of hundreds (thousands?) of pictures!

  3. I’ll be that was a difficult task, and many of your favorites were not as easy to find and so didn’t make the pick. Benji and Tiger delight me and I’m glad that your cats cooperate. My Gracie will have a beautiful pose and just as I take the picture, she looks away and it’s gone. I swear that she is trying to be contrary!

    • Yes, there was really no way to pick favorites when there are literally thousands to choose from! So I did my best with some tried and true. And I always love pictures of Tiger and Benji. Fortunately, they cooperate most of the time. 😸😺

  4. OMG, that hummingbird picture…takes my breath away. Excellent choice for your favorites! Now I shall go look at the rest of the pictures…

  5. What a super selection! So many cute ones of the cats 🙂 I’m a bit jealous of your Reflection Lake shot of the mountain – there was no chance of anything like that when we were there, the fog hid not only the mountain but most of the lake! And your Lake Crescent shot took me back to the same trip. It’s taken at the lodge there I think? We stayed there and had pretty much that view from our room 🙂 And I’m pretty sure I have photos of the same chair!!

    • Thanks so much. 😊 It’s really hard to pick just a few, I have so many photos! I probably have more pictures of the cats then anything else! Well maybe except NW scenery! I was happy to get a clear picture of Mt Rainier at Reflection Lakes, and yes, the view of Lake Crescent is at the Lodge. So peaceful!

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