Third Day No Rain – Just Barely

It’s the third day with no rain in the Great Northwest but it was foggy, damp and cold and the sun never showed his face. Does it really count??

We bundled up anyway and went for a hike at Saltwater State Park and on the way my phone buzzed with an alert – beware – tsunami headed for the West Coast – its impact on Puget Sound uncertain.

Duly advised, we continued on our way, finding only calm waters beneath a milky gray sky.

After checking out the beach, we walked through the park in the woods where all was green and damp – as it should be I guess – in January.

But I was most intrigued by the giant stilts – was a monster overhead? A transport out of Star Wars?

No, it was just a bridge, looking a bit out of place if you ask me.

Still, it added interest to our walk.

~ Susanne

16 Comments on “Third Day No Rain – Just Barely

  1. I love those greens in the woods! They bring back memories of our own visit to the Pacific NW, as does that beach with all the trees piled up πŸ™‚

  2. It is nice not to have a lot of rain. The sun actually did come out for about an hour late yesterday afternoon, πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Looks like a beautiful place to walk and take photos πŸ˜€

    • Thanks so much! I’m happy to be heading into our fourth day in a row without rain. Even better to have sunshine with it! 🌞

  3. I love the piles of driftwood. When I was a kid that was the way the coast around Cannon Beach south was and we played in the wood endlessly, building forts and hiding out. There was always wood for a beach fire too. By the time I was grown those piles were gone and I had begun to wonder if I had imagined them. Your photo assures me I had not.

    • Most of our beaches are loaded with driftwood. They’re a nice place to sit and watch the waves roll in, when it’s not raining.

      • I was very sad to see it disappear from the northern Oregon beaches. The agates from Agate Beach disappeared too.

  4. Nice pictures, and I love the Star Wars reference! I can totally see that bridge as a transport.

    • Eventually the warning passed and we didn’t experience any high water in the Seattle area on Puget Sound. We had a quiet an peaceful walk. ☺

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