First of Three Days

Yes, that is sunshine you see here in the Great Northwest! According to the local news, we are about to experience three rain free days in a row, for the first time since last September!

To celebrate day one, I went for a walk at Coulon Park yesterday wearing a baseball cap to shield my eyes from those foreign rays.

I was not the only one out.

It was a gorgeous day with temperatures reaching close to 60 degrees. But please note, I did NOT say it was cloud free.

This is still January after all.

~ Susanne

29 Comments on “First of Three Days

  1. LOvely ducks and trutles, Susanne.
    Our four days of bright sunshine have been replaced by thick fog this morning. At least it isn’t raining.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      • No problem! I don’t even try to correct typos on comments, unless I really butchered a word! 😁 Turtles 🐒 was quite clear!

    • Thanks, Pete! I hadn’t seen the turtles out all winter! We may get four days in a row without rain! Wouldn’t that be lovely? 😊😊

  2. Glad to see you got some sunshine 🌞 We did too, yesterday, but today we have fog 😦 I love your turtle shots!

  3. I just moved here Wednesday and have been so pleased with the nice sunny days far! A few clouds add character to the photos!

    • You arrived just in time! We get some beautiful clouds here, too, but just a tad bit too much rain! Even so, I think you’ll like it! The rain keeps everything nice and green. πŸ™‚

  4. There were always turtles out in Chicago but not many here in LA..except in the small park just south of the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel…probably just fans of the movies!

    • Hollywood turtles! They love Lake Washington and I often see them sunning on this log at Coulon Park. But not when it’s freezing cold!

  5. Oh, I’m so jealous, Susanne! What gorgeous photos (love that turtle)! We are still shrouded in fog with snow stubbornly staying put, but imperceptibly melting. I do see a glimmer of the sun above the cloud deck, here’s hoping! Thanks for sharing the sunshine and the 60-degree weather. I saw on the news this a.m. about the tsunami hitting the west coast–Are you near the coast?

    • Thanks Terri! We’re so happy for sunshine and a few rain free days! We’re in Renton just south of Seattle so far from the coast. But we’re venturing out for a walk along Puget Sound and it will be interesting to see whether the waves are higher.

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