An Overdue Photoshoot with Tiger

“We need to talk, Sue.”

“Sure, Tiger. I always have time for you.”

“Do you, Sue? Sometimes I wonder. How many pictures have you posted of Benji this year?”

“Oh, I don’t know Tiger. A few I guess.”

“More than a few,” he replied.

“Okay, more than a few. You’re feeling left out. But may I remind you that your face is my avatar?”

“Your what?” he asked.

“My avatar. I use your picture instead of mine to represent me on this blog! You actually show up a lot, everywhere! See?”

“It’s small, Sue. People don’t see it.”

“Sorry, Tiger. Maybe you’re right. You’re a handsome boy and you deserve more attention. How about we do a photoshoot right now?”

“And put in on the blog, too?” he asked.

“Of course, Tiger. Now give me your best smile.”

“How’s this?” he asked.

“Not bad, Tiger. But you still look a wee bit irritated. Let’s try again.”

“Sure, Sue. How’s this? And make sure you get my two good ears in the picture.”

“Still holding a grudge against Benji, aren’t you? Honestly, Tiger you need to drop it. As far as your photo goes – well, it’s a bit too stoic. Like the sphinx or something.”

“More big words, Sue. First ‘avatar.’ Now ‘sphinx’. I’m a simple cat you know.”

“Sorry Tiger, you are indeed. How about we close with a nice head shot?”

“Okay, here you go. Now, will you put this one on the blog?”

“Absolutely Tiger. It’s perfect.”

~ Susanne and Tiger

20 Comments on “An Overdue Photoshoot with Tiger

  1. He has the greenest eyes I think I’ve ever seen in a cat! I love the way they look with the greenery in the background of your photos!

  2. I particularly like that nice black thin stripe that comes from the corner of his eye. What a handsome boy! And he is so nicely groomed for this photoshoot. Well done, Tiger!

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