Lightroom Fun in Maui

No I’m not in Maui now – I wish I was – but I am exploring Lightroom – Adobe’s Lightroom Classic. I just finished a class on the software – virtually of course – and decided to subscribe for a year. (A 7 day trial wasn’t enough.)

I was overwhelmed at first – everyone else in the class already used Lightroom. But the more I’ve played with it, the more I like the features. So I thought I’d resurrect some old pictures from Maui to practice on and share them with you too!

I’ll start with Haleakala – a massive dormant volcano that forms 75% of the island of Maui. The summit is 10,023 feet above sea level – with another 19,000 feet to the bottom of the ocean making it taller than Everest. It’s a fabulous landscape with great views and you’d be forgiven for thinking it was Mars.

If it was, this would be the new space station.

Next up are some Maui Beaches to lift you out of your winter doldrums. On some of them you’ll see a watermark with my name – I’m still experimenting with that.

I’ll close with some beautiful hula dancers from a a luau in Wailea who matched the colors of sunset.

I’m still learning but for now I like how easy it is to crop, edit, and resize pictures in Lightroom, as well as tagging them for easy retrieval.

That’s all for now.

~ Susanne

20 Comments on “Lightroom Fun in Maui

  1. Well done with learning new photo skills. I get techno-fear trying to use Photoshop Elements, and just stick with the camera’s j-pegs.
    (I’m still not using Block Editor!)
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Thanks Pete. I had a few friends who recommended Lightroom and the only way I would try it was to take a class. That got me started and I’m pleased so far with the functionality! And I do recommend you try the Block Editor! I like it so much better than the Classic Editor, especially for what you can do with images. But learning something new is a hassle, no doubt about it!

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    • Thank you!! I would love a week in Maui too or any one of those beautiful Hawaiian islands! And I’m really happy with Lightroom so far and will keep playing with it!

  3. Fantastic pictures! I love playing around with photo apps, you can do so many different things. It all takes time, though…good thing we have a lot of that on our hands, now!

    • I had a couple of photographer friends recommend it. I don’t think I would have gotten far without the class but I’m getting more used to it everyday! The subscription comes with other tools too that I haven’t even tried yet including photoshop.

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