Winter Walk into Spring at Lake Wilderness

The snow has come and gone, replaced by wind and rain. But yesterday there was a break in the weather and we headed to Lake Wilderness starting out at the Arboretum where bulbs were blooming and trees were budding.

We took a path through the woods to a nearby trail –

the Cedar River to Green River Trail which passes by Lake Wilderness. It extends for miles in each direction and will be great for bicycling in the spring. We walked it a while before returning to the lake where we saw these hearty paddlers.

We also found a stream flowing out of the lake where all was serene save for the chatter of the birds.

You’d think spring was on the way.

~ Susanne

20 Comments on “Winter Walk into Spring at Lake Wilderness

  1. We are going to be ack in Washington in June. So excited! We fell in love with the Pacific Northwest on our honeymoon. Its just magical!

  2. That was a special walk indeed, Susanne.
    Spring has arrived in Beetley. The daffodils all opened yesterday, and today it is 16C! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Wow, that’s quite a difference! Our temps haven’t improved quite that much but I do think spring is on its way! Thanks for your comment. 😊☀️

  3. Beautiful. I’m envious since we are still in snow and cold. Overall. it’s ben a long cold winter here
    on the Colorado Plateau.

    • Thanks. You definitely have more snow and harsher winters there than we have in the Pacific NW. It’s still cold this week – in the forties – but temperatures are climbing.

  4. Exquisitely beautiful photos! What a nice place to go, I especially love that stream.

  5. Beautiful shots, Susanne! It sure is great to get out in between weather events. All our snow melted just in time for this morning 3 inches of new snow. Luckily I got out for a sunny drive to our house yesterday and a nice walk. It definitely felt like spring for a day!

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