Blue Skies and Eagles before the Snow

Snow is in the forecast – promises promises. It only arrives when it’s unexpected.

When I worked downtown this was always the case. The snow would begin to fall in the afternoon leaving the city surprised. We left work early and roads would be snarled with snow and traffic. We told our stories later of being trapped on buses, leaving them to trudge home on foot, becoming part of Seattle folklore.

I once sat on a snow covered freeway for 10 hours – completely stopped by a rollover truck miles ahead – I finally made it home at 2 in the morning. A memorial to Seattle!

Even so, I still love the snow and winter just isn’t the same without it. And so we wait as the arrival date is pushed out. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. Could they be wrong again?

Yesterday I went for a walk at Coulon Park and found children in the playground, boats in the lake and eagles against the clear blue sky.

The calm before the storm? We shall see!

~ Susanne

27 Comments on “Blue Skies and Eagles before the Snow

  1. We are getting some of a storm here. It’s somewhere around 25 degrees and icy. Texas drivers don’t do well on icy roads.

    • Ah yes! The rest of the country has gotten a lot of snow, we somehow have missed out. Seattle drivers don’t do well either because there are so many hills! I’m glad I don’t have to go out if I don’t want to. Stay safe!

  2. Big time snow all around us but just a few inches here in the Twin Cities. But we have the subzero temps temps for about ten days.

  3. What a great post! We’re supposed to have snow here too-(Oregon)- but I’ll believe it when I see it- too often it doesn’t actually happen and I get my hopes up for nothing. I love snow so much- it makes everything so beautiful! By the way, thank you for the lovely pictures!

  4. The blue sky in your pictures is so striking! How dangerous to be stuck in your car in the snow for 10 hours though! I get scared just thinking about it! That’s one of the best things about being retired, you don’t have to go out in it if you don’t want to!☃️☃️❄️

    • It’s funny but being stuck on the freeway was really weird but didn’t feel that dangerous. Everything was completely covered in white, there were stuck cars in front and behind me.. people were out milling around.. I had my phone and internet, a full tank of gas.. very surreal…

      • That’s good. As long as you had your phone and other people around, I can see it not being as bad. My dad always told us never to let our gas tank get too low, because you never knew what might happen, like you might have to go on a long detour. Snow wasn’t something we ever thought about though!

      • Yes I learned a few things from that experience. Have a full tank of gas and carry supplies, snacks, water, blanket, warm clothes, gloves.. etc.. you never know what might happen. There was a diabetic knocking on car doors looking for food..

  5. Reading about your ordeal in the snow was crazy, Susanne. I’d say most of us who deal with winters are prepared and can stay warm. Oh but those eagles! They must be nesting. We saw a whole family the other day, complete with a juvenile, and of course me without my camera. Now I keep my Canon surest (don’t laugh) in my giant purse just in case when we’re out and about. So…snow…Spokane is supposed to get some this week. What’s so different here compared to Seattle is our snow is dry and melts rather quickly, so no complaints here. I probably won’t post this detail on my blog, but we’re supposed to get snow on Monday, the very day we meet with the electric company engineer on our property. Hope they don’t cancel!

    • Aren’t the eagles wonderful? We see them year-round over Lake Washington; when a juvenile flew above these two they began chattering away. It was wonderful to see and hear them too! I wished I’d had the RX10 with me, but as you learned in my other post it stopped working! I had my compact Sony RX100 with me, not much zoom, but okay. I understand wanting to have your best camera with you to capture the special moments that come up!

      I hope things keep moving along so you can get into your new home soon!

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