Ebey’s Landing on Whidbey Island

Last month, in the middle of a rainy spring, we took advantage of a sunny day and headed to Whidbey Island for a first time visit to Ebey’s Landing.

Don’t get me wrong – we’ve been to Washington’s largest island many times before. In fact I told you about one such trip a few years ago, here if you missed it Wonderful Whidbey Island.

This time, we took the ferry from Mukilteo and though we were confined to the car deck – there’s still a pandemic going on – we had wonderful views on our sailing.

The Cascades floated above Everett to the east

while Mt Baker loomed large to the north.

After the ferry ride we drove to the middle of the island and arrived at Ebey’s Landing State Park. We took the Bluff Trail, climbing high above the beach below, passing by prairie and farmland to the east,

and more views of Mt. Baker.

After a few rest stops we made it to the top of the bluff where we looked out over Admiralty Inlet, the Olympics and the Straight of Juan de Fuca.

Admiralty Inlet connects the eastern end of the Straight of Juan de Fuca to Puget Sound and is the only way for ships to reach the major shipping ports of Seattle and Tacoma. Here Mt. Rainier seems to guard the entrance from the south.

It was all down hill from here as they say, as we descended to the beach below to complete the three mile loop trail.

After stopping by Coupeville for a takeout lunch

we headed to the ferry terminal where our ship had just come in.

All in all a wonderful day.

~ Susanne

13 Comments on “Ebey’s Landing on Whidbey Island

  1. The names Whidbey Island, Mukilteo, Coupeville, Strait of Juan du Fuca, and more bring back treasured memories spent with my husband’s sister and her husband, both now deceased. They lived in Edmonds from the 1940s until their passing in recent years. Weekend visits offered many diversions via the ferry and other modes of transportation to interesting towns and parks. Thanks for the memories, Susanne!

    • Thanks so much John! I thought I’d seen all the best of the Northwest by now and was surprised at all the incredible views from this location. We’ll definitely have to go back! 🙂

  2. Whe the weather is good there, you do live in a dream location. Just a shame the weather is rarely that good. Not unlike Beetley. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Yes, we do have some beautiful days when the sun shines and the skies are the bluest blue. Surrounded by forests and mountains what more could you ask for? Ok, you’re right, how about fewer cloudy, gray, and rainy days? 😉

  3. Loved this! ❤️ Went to Whidbey a couple of times, always gorgeous. Loved, loved, loved your pictures of the mountains.

  4. Ah, but you made me homesick! Such lovely pictures of my hometown. The bluff walk is one of my favorites. It looks like you had beautiful weather with the mountains out in full glory. Where did you get lunch in Coupeville, if you don’t mind me asking so I can live vicariously through you? I’m off to read your other post about Whidbey Island. ⛵️

    • Sorry to make you homesick but I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures! The bluff walk was fabulous and was all we had time for. I’d like to go back sometime to see more of the prairie and historical structures.

      We had lunch at Ciao, a little Italian restaurant just up the street from the historic waterfront area. Very nice – they brought it out to us and we ate in our truck. 🙂

      • My mom likes Ciao, but it is “new” in town and I have never been there.

  5. Wow! Everything looks so clean and fresh! Maybe from all the previous rain? What a fun way to spend the day😊

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