Benji and the Plant

I looked out the back door and this is what I saw.

“Whatcha doing there Benji?”


“Taking a nap Sue.  At least I was, before you….   oh never mind.”

“Why there Benji?  I’ve never seen you sleep there before.”

“Maybe that’s why Sue.  It looked so inviting. Soft materials.  Sun shining right on my face the whole time. It was perfect..”

“Great Benji. Only I’m not sure it’s good for the plant.”

“Well I’m awake now so if it bothers you I’ll just come inside.”

“Sure Benji.”

“I didn’t really like that plant anyway.”

~ Susanne and Benji

12 Comments on “Benji and the Plant

  1. That is absolutely too cute!! I didn’t realize Benji had as much of a “ginger” tint to him when he is in the sun. Poor plant, but hey, at least Benji was comfortable😊

  2. You could grow that plant in large numbers, and start a new trend. People would surely buy ‘Cat-Bed Plants’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • I laughed when I saw him in the pot. Another comment reminded me cats do indeed like grass so sitting in a pot of tall grass must have been appealing. Nap and nibble too!

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