The Cats Call Me Sue

My name is Susanne but I never heard it growing up, except on the first day of school when the teacher did roll call. “It’s Susie,’ I replied and so it was until I began working at Prudential Mutual Savings Bank in downtown Seattle.

One day I answered the phone, “Susie speaking,” and it no longer fit. So I went with the name on the birth certificate and set out to retrain everyone.

“It’s Susanne,'” I said over and over, until everyone made the switch and so it has been ever since.

Until I started my blog that is, and the cats decided to call me Sue. And in the words of Johnny Cash, “What could I do?”

“Isn’t that right boys?” I asked.

“Yes Sue,” said Tiger.

“That’s right Sue,” said Benji.

“But why?” I asked still puzzled myself.

“Maybe it’s easier for you to type,” said Tiger.

“Maybe it’s easier for us to say,” said Benji.

“Makes sense to me,” I replied.

~ Susanne (aka ‘Sue’), Tiger, and Benji.

6 Comments on “The Cats Call Me Sue

  1. Enjoyed your post-Susie-Susanne-Sue, and your Johnny Cash “A Boy Named Sue” quote. Your cats are beautiful!

  2. That is so funny! And I did the same thing with my name, changing it from Debra to Debbie in 8th grade by merely starting to write Debbie on my papers in school. Then years later I “changed” it back to Debra, and my husband always called me Debra Kay. Not sure exactly why Foster and Panda always refer to me as “Mom”…🤔

    • Funny isn’t it? I didn’t consciously decide to use ‘Sue’ in my blog, it just happened, like that’s what Tiger and Benji wanted to call me. Mysterious. 🐱

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