A Winter Walk at Seattle’s Lincoln Park

The year started out balmy, lulling us into thoughts of spring, then surprising us with sloppy wet snow.

Then came the endless days of rain and even the locals grew weary.  Did we let that stop us?  Nope. We managed a walk whenever we could including this one at Seattle’s Lincoln Park.

This time we started out at the Fauntleroy – Vashon Ferry Terminal and though I love a ferry boat ride – and have taken hundreds of them across Puget Sound – I’ve made the trip to Vashon Island only once.  Honestly unless you live in the bedroom island community there’s not much to do over there.

Instead we took the paved trail along the Sound

and had glimpses of the Olympic Mountains through the clouds.

I looked for killer whales frolicking in the water – and though  I’m always hopeful – I have yet to see them.

Near the end of the paved trail we headed up into the woods via a steep – but thankfully short –  trail.

Once on top of the bluff we encountered this beggar –

who might have smelled the peanuts we were snacking on.

After we relented, the crows appeared and demanded their share,

so it was time to move on.

We quickened our pace and were soon back where we started, refreshed after a two mile walk in the park and ready to head home for lunch.

Until next time,

~ Susanne

23 Comments on “A Winter Walk at Seattle’s Lincoln Park

    • Oh, you are so lucky! We also did a cruise to Alaska and saw whales in the distance (Humpbacks I believe) but not killer whales. They do occasionally frolic right in Puget Sound but I guess I just don’t have the right timing! 🙂

      • All these years of camping by and going to parks on Puget Sound, and it took me until this last fall at the age of 57 before I saw orcas in the wild. They were quite a distance out from shore so I couldn’t see details at all, but it was still thrilling.

        My timing was pure luck and I was assisted by a whale spotter at the park who knew they were coming. Hope you get that kind of luck soon!

  1. Shame there were no killer whales, but I bet the seals were happy about that.
    I might have stayed and fed the squirrel for a while longer. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • The killer whales are out there and I keep hoping to see them. But you’re right about the seals! The squirrel was very cute and very bold. I usually don’t feed them, but what could we do, with peanuts in our hands?? 🙂

  2. The Olympic Mountains always look amazing at any time of the year! You live in such a beautiful part of the world, thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

  3. When we lived in Portland we knew that if we never walked in the rain we would never get outside! I love your walks with your husband and the photos that accompany them, rain or(very occasionally)shine.

    • Thanks so much! Seattle and Portland are very similar. This winter has been particularly rainy – they say January was the rainiest on record and February’s on track for the same distinction. Sometimes it’s too miserable but we get out when we can and always feel better afterwards!

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