Snowy Days

WordPress tells me I’m on a roll – posting three days in a row – why not go for four? 🙂

We had the promised snow this week though not much accumulation at our place – the tiny beads of powder didn’t rise above one inch.

The streets were clear so we bundled up and headed out for a walk on the Cedar River Trail. This was the view from the car as we pulled out of the driveway.

There was still lots of color with the red twig dogwood and the gold of the weeping willows.

There were more ducks than people out so I went to say hello and startled them. Sorry boys.

It was cold and windy and snowy but we made it to the end of the trail and back home again where we warmed up by the fire.

Later on that day I captured the turbulent sky at sunset.

I think the worst is over as I see blue skies ahead today.

~ Susanne

11 Comments on “Snowy Days

    • Thanks Pete. ğŸŒž I don’t blame you. Surprisingly we have blue skies and sunshine today with temperatures back into the upper 40’s. I’ll take it!

    • Thanks John. The whole week was like this and then today we had blue skies and temperatures back up into the upper forties. ğŸŒž So maybe this has finally passed.

  1. I keep getting a preview of the weather here from reading your posts lately. We had very warm weather last weekend and now we are 50degrees colder with snow on the horizon. Here too little is expected.

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