Benji’s Portfolio

“Hey Benji.  Now that you’ve made it into your first calendar, I need to put a portfolio together for you. We need to be ready.”

“What’s a portfolio Sue? And ready for what?”

“Ready for the next calendar. Or contest.  All models keep a portfolio of their best headshots. You’re quite the handsome cat you know.”

“You’re just saying that Sue. Who wants a picture of a cat with a cropped ear.”

“Are you kidding me Benji?  You’re the most handsome cat I’ve ever had!  Don’t tell Tiger I said so.”

“Really Sue?  Okay then, I’ll put my best ear forward. Something like this perhaps?”

“That’s it Benji! You’re a natural!”

~ Susanne and Benji

20 Comments on “Benji’s Portfolio

  1. He is a very handsome cat and his missing ear just makes him more distinctive. My cat had to have her tail amputated because she had cancer, it took us a while to get used to it but I still think she’s adorable.

  2. That Benji is a charmer! We’ve got a solid black boy, possibly a Bombay, who came to us as a stray. It is evident he was abused in another place and time. It appears his hips or pelvis were injured and he walks with the most striking swagger. Let no one say our cats aren’t adorable despite their “physical history.”

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