No Longer Anonymous – A Blogging Update

I didn’t want to keep you in suspense after my post yesterday, having you lie awake at night wondering whether I would remain  ‘Anonymous’ forever.  And perhaps you or your followers have also been recently plagued by this issue when you comment on a blog in WordPress.

So after spending a LOT of time chatting with a WordPress analyst yesterday, it came down to my internet browser.

When I showed him a screen shot of the comment box I was seeing –  which looked different than before but I couldn’t say why –

he noticed it didn’t show I was logged in to WordPress. Microsoft Edge seemed to be dropping my log in “cookies” so when I commented on a blog, it showed up as ‘Anonymous.’  On some blogs ‘Anonymous’ would disappear directly into spam.

The resolution was to switch to Chrome for my browser and it worked.  The comment box now shows I’m logged in using my WP account, as it should.  My comments are showing up again with my name, no longer ‘Anonymous.’ Hooray!

So if you have followers complaining of the same problem have them try a different browser. Chrome worked for me.

No thanks to him.

~ Susanne

10 Comments on “No Longer Anonymous – A Blogging Update

  1. I do have some followers who complain that they have to log in every time to comment. Perhaps you have discovered the reason why! Good to see you ‘back to normal’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. 🙂 Now, that is why I like having more than one web browser on my laptop computer.

    Also, it is nice to know that you figured out the cause of the “Anonymous” issue.

  3. Thankfully I have always known it was you. You seem to be getting the stink eye about ignoring him in favor of the computer.

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