Blogging Fun with Anonymous

Hello blogging friends!  I seem to have lost my identity!

The last few days I noticed that the comments I left on some of your blogs disappeared.

A quick exchange with one of the bloggers involved (thanks Pete) yielded the additional information that my comments were showing up as ‘Anonymous.’

A subsequent comment I left on another blog (Hi John) confirmed this – rather disconcerting to say the least.

You may remember that I used to work in technology.  During my career, ‘bugs’ like this would be reported to the help desk and assigned to technical staff to research and resolve.  I enjoyed going behind the scenes to figure out what went wrong and fix the problem. I miss having those tools at my disposal.

I checked with my internal help desk and he was not impressed.

I intend to log a case with WordPress so hopefully this will be resolved soon.

In the meantime please understand why I may not be commenting on your posts.

If you’ve experienced this type of problem before and think you know the resolution feel free to comment!

Hopefully you won’t show up as ‘Anonymous!’   🙂

~  Susanne  (aka, ‘Anonymous.’)

16 Comments on “Blogging Fun with Anonymous

  1. Now I know it is you, I will happily approve the comments. Try a few more on my site, see if that helps. It doesn’t matter if they are relevant. Just say, ‘Hi, Susanne here’, and I will approve it.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Thanks Pete. I’ll try it again. But isn’t it strange? When I ‘like’ a post it shows my identity and gravatar, but only Anonymous with a comment. Some little glitch that WP needs to fix! 🙂

  2. That’s weird. As far as I can tell, your comments have been showing up as “you” on my posts. I had an anonymous comment on my peacock mosaic post but there was also one from you, so I know you weren’t the anonymous one. 🤔

    • It was hard to figure out because it’s only been the last week or so and it wasn’t consistent. But today it happened several times so I logged a case with WP. After a very long chat discussion, the analyst finally settled on the likely culprit being my browser, MS Edge. Chrome doesn’t seem to have the problem (in my limited testing so far) so I’ll use it for blogging.

  3. My furry tech support is similarly quiet, so we’re no help! Good luck getting it straightened out.

      • I’ve noticed some functions not working in Edge that work in Chrome, so it sounds like you know what to do! No need for furry tech support!

      • I’ll rely on the furry moral support but not the tech support! Next time I have an issue I’ll try to remember to check the browser first! In the meantime I’ll do my blogging in Chrome! 🙂

  4. I’ve had people who follow my blog comment on how things they post in my comments don’t appear. I’ve tried to locate the problem with my settings, but conclude the problem is WordPress, not my settings. Frustrating! I enjoy the comments I get, and am unhappy some of my regular readers are having this problem leaving comments.

    • Yes, very frustrating to type a comment and have it disappear! 😦 My problem was finally resolved by using Chrome for my browser instead of MS Edge. Perhaps a recent update broke some functionality there. I noticed the comment box looked different than it used to but I didn’t understand why. It was dropping my WP login (“cookies”) so my comment appeared as Anonymous. On some blogs a comment by Anonymous went directly into spam and disappeared. So you could suggest those having the same issue try switching to a different browser. So far today Chrome is working correctly for me. 🙂

      • I use Chrome, too, and have since the beginning. I noticed changes as well. Where my blog automatically posted on Facebook because I set up a link, the link no longer works.

    • Yes, I chatted with an analyst yesterday for a long time, and he eventually attributed it to a browser problem. I switched from MS Edge to Chrome and I am no longer Anonymous. It’s good to be back! 🙂

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