Berry Picking with Mom

Good name for a poem –Β  if only I had the eloquence. Regardless, today I had the privilege of going berry picking with my mom. Privilege I say because she’s 89 years old and not everyone is so lucky.

Actually it was her idea. Or at least she reminded me that the blackberries were ripening and we should get them before the sun scorched them dry. And she remembered they were plentiful not far from my house.

So we went and found them in abundance on both sides of the road – a quiet road with no traffic along a right-of-way.

They were beautiful. In varying stages of readiness but many plump and juicy, ripe for picking.

“Look mom,” I said pointing to our bowls mostly full. “We picked the same amount.”

“I have more,” she said with a twinkle in her eye – because that’s my mom.

I took her back home and before she made it to her apartment she’d given some berries away. To the person at the front desk. To the person on the elevator.

Because again – that’s my mom.

The berries are still ripening so we’ll go back for more.

In the meantime we’ll be eating berries. Freezing berries. And making blackberry cobbler.

Lucky for both of us.

~ Susanne

18 Comments on “Berry Picking with Mom

  1. Nice to see your Mum, and she looks so happy too. The berries look delicious as well. We have some growing around here, but everyone is after them! πŸ™‚
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Yes, she’s happy, especially picking berries! There was no one picking where we were yesterday and they were so plentiful we’ll be back for more!

  2. You are truly blessed. Your mom is beautiful and looks much younger. My Mom is going to be 78 this year, I hope I am as lucky as you and have her with me a long time.

  3. Susanne, you and your mom made my mouth water for those blackberries. We used to have an abandoned home on the street behind us, and one side of the property was on a corner and covered with blackberries every summer. Then the house sold, and the new owner cleared away all the blackberries. 😒 I was also impressed at your mom’s activity level. That’s impressive!

  4. I love blackberries. I used to eat them on my walk home from friends’ houses. Here my husband has found a few patches. Nothing beats the taste of a sun warmed blackberry.

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