A Walk through Bellingham fueled by Rockets

I know you’ve been waiting so here’s the final story from our road trip last month that included Skagit daffodils, Fairhaven, and Western Washington University (here’s that story in case you missed it, though you probably didn’t.)

Bellingham remains a special place to me with memories of my college days and the first place I lived outside Seattle. The population of the town and the school have doubled since I attended but neither one felt much bigger to me. It’s still a great place to walk and so I left my husband behind at the museums – the Sparks and the Railway – and headed to the Rocket – wouldn’t you?

Rocket Donuts is new to town since I lived here, which is probably a good thing as I have a weakness for donuts and homemade ice cream, of which they have both.

Once inside you’re greeted by this big guy and other movie memorabilia from the science fiction of the fifties. At the Fairhaven location you’ll also be able to watch old Buck Rogers movies -. and just so you know – that’s waaaay before my time. 🙂

After enjoying my truly decadent espresso ice cream, I had the strength to walk around town and headed towards this view of old City Hall – overlooking Maritime Heritage Park.

Here I followed the trail next to Whatcom Creek

until I was surprised by these lovely falls

and peaceful stretch of creek above, all in the heart of downtown.

The creek empties out of Whatcom Lake further east where there is another lovely park worth a visit. Maybe next time. Instead I climbed the steps back into town and came across the new Courthouse

and many old buildings I remember so well like the historic Mt Baker Theatre – missing its E –

and named after the mountain you see hiding off in the distance.

Just an hour drive from town, Mt. Baker doesn’t loom over the city quite the way Rainier does over Seattle, but its presence is felt nonetheless. It’s an active volcano in the Cascade Range and I remember there was frequent talk of her erupting someday. So one day after school when I heard a volcano had blown its top, I immediately thought it must be her,  but no, it was Mt. St. Helens further south. We saw nary a cloud or speck of ash in Bellingham.

I continued my walk around town and eventually back to where I started,

where I met up with Bob as he finished his museum tours. But before we left, I couldn’t resist one more picture of the Rocket though I did resist a donut.

~ Susanne

15 Comments on “A Walk through Bellingham fueled by Rockets

  1. Gasp, I did not know there was another rocket, besides the one in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. This Bellingham rocket is quite the specimen. And I think you did well to go with ice cream, which probably had more nutritional value than a donut.

    • I haven’t been to Fremont in years so I think I better go and see the rocket there!! And the Rocket donuts are good but the Acme ice cream is amazing and worth a trip! 😊

      • I love those. Here a Pho restaurant just did a lovely one on the end of their building. It really livens an otherwise dull brick wall.

  2. Another great photo tour of B’ham! I wish I could go back right now. Almost worth the trip for the Rocket doughnuts alone, haha!

  3. Naturally, along with Elizabeth, I noticed the mural right away. I really like that kind of thing. There are a few nice murals around here, but in this area graffiti is always a possibility, which is sad.

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