Cats Seeking Shelter in the Rainy Northwest and Baseball

After a bizarre winter in the Great Northwest – featuring summer temperatures and record-breaking snowfall – we have now settled into a typical rainy spring. The garden is loving it and new plants are being thoroughly watered in.

Cats seek shelter wherever they can find it, if they are willing to go out at all.

When inside at least they have good baseball to watch as the Seattle Mariners are off to an amazing start, the best in all of baseball, a surprise to all those who predict such things.

Tiger watches attentively while Benji is more distracted,

and hushed by his older brother.

~ Susanne and Tiger and Benji

16 Comments on “Cats Seeking Shelter in the Rainy Northwest and Baseball

  1. That is cute. My cat Millie likes to watch The Red Sox.

  2. How adorable! Our Dizzy *loves* baseball too πŸ™‚ Looks to me they’ve got the life! I love that first photo too. What a background! β™₯

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