The Rain, the Park and Other Things

I’m borrowing the title for this post because it fits and if you don’t know it’s a song that’s okay too –  I guess I’m showing my age.

It’s been a rainy week in the Great Northwest but what else can you expect in January?

Well, snow for one – see how pretty it was last year? – but none in the forecast so far.

Despite the rain Bob suggested we go for  a walk earlier this week – “we can’t let the rain stop us dear” – and off we went to Coulon Park in rain coats with umbrellas in hand.  Lucky for us it slowed down to a drizzle and umbrellas weren’t needed after all. And despite the odds we enjoyed bursts of color on our rainy day walk.

Such as the red twig dogwood, my favorite winter shrub.

And the stony walkers, who were still dressed up in their (wet) Christmas clothes.

And of course the sailboats, one willing to shed its covering to show us a pretty shade of green.

To top it off,  a bald eagle soared over the lake though I didn’t get a picture that day.

But on the next day’s walk in the park (still raining), the eagle landed on a piling long enough for me to get a picture.

‘Look over here,’ I said, ‘I can’t see your face.’

And he did.

A bit blurry I know. He was too far away and I don’t have enough ‘zoom’ to get a clear shot for you – though it could be my photography skills  – still working on that.

Still I can’t complain.

~ Susanne

18 Comments on “The Rain, the Park and Other Things

  1. No complaints indeed about your (not very) blurry eagle. It’s an eagle, and you got it to look at you. Job done! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Thanks Pete! 🙂 I was happy he landed on the piling and stayed long enough for me to take some shots and get a couple decent ones.

  2. Sounds like a good day. It just goes to show that it’s about what we do, not the weather!

  3. If you live in the Pacific Northwest then getting out in the rain is something of a prerequisite. The alternative is staying home for weeks at a time. I do miss the bald eagles. One time a pair of them swooped down to perch on a couple of trees on the edge of the woods bordering my property. I watched them for a while and took some photos. What surprised me is that, when they took off, instead of coming out the way they’d gone in, they went deeper into the woods. The sound of them crashing through the trees, breaking branches, is something I won’t forget.

    • So true. Living with rain is what we do here. I love the eagles too. Thanks for sharing your eagle story. I can almost hear them crashing through the woods!

  4. Came from Petes blog. What a lovely place to walk to and I would love to see a real life eagle, but not likely to in Gateshead!

  5. Do you also see ospreys? I remember watching one fly overhead in Oregon with a salmon in its talons.

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