The Distress Call

Cats talk.  Really, they do. With their eyes. With their tail. And with their voice. This morning Benji used his voice to issue the distress call, not urgently but definitely.

I wandered around the house looking for him but he was not in the usual places.  Not by the door wanting out (different voice.)  Not on the landing, where he was singing, earlier in the day.

The doors inside the house were open so I hadn’t accidentally shut him into a room. It was quiet now but I’d heard the call and continued looking.  Hadn’t I cat-proofed the house enough by now?

I went downstairs to the laundry room/bathroom/cat box room and there he was.  Near the ceiling.  On top of the stacked washer and dryer.  The gap behind was deep and wide enough for him to fall into.

He must have jumped to the top of the dryer from the sink and should have been able to jump back down the same way.  He likely knew he wasn’t supposed to be there and called for help just in case.  I climbed onto the toilet seat, reached up and brought him down, grateful he hadn’t taken an inquisitive or accidental plunge behind. I can’t imagine the hassle of trying to get him out of there if he’d fallen. Makes me shudder.

My husband assured me our smart Benji was quite able to get down without my assistance (probably true) but has since sealed off the area to prevent any possible mishaps.  All is well.

~ Susanne

14 Comments on “The Distress Call

  1. Always worrying, to lose a cat inside the house. At least he wasn’t in some space between the walls! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Thanks Pete. We actually had a cat hide behind the washer once, and he was difficult to get to. Now that the dryer is stacked on top, it would be terrible. Bob assured me Benji could get down and was just enjoying singing from high places. And probably enjoyed me rescuing him. I’m at his beck and call! 🙂

  2. Oh no!! Poor baby! You’re right, it would have been way worse if he had jumped/fallen down behind there! In the picture he looks a bit indignant, like, “How come it took you so long to find me, Sue?”

    • Yes it would have been awful! Forunately Bob sealed up the gap now.The picture I’m showing here is him singing on our landing. It’s also a high place but one he navigates easily. I took him off the dryer without getting a picture of him up there. Bob said he’d put him back up there so I could get a picture (!) but I said no, I didnt want to encourage him to go up there again! 😆🐱😊

  3. I’m with you. Who knows if he really could have gotten out. When I was a young mother the firemen came and retrieved a neighbor’s cat. Sure he would probably go up that tree again, but I was grateful for the kindness showed to the bereft owner.

    • Yes, I’m all for helping out and would also call for rescue from a tall tree, and we have many around here. It seemed to me that Benji knew he was in a spot he shouldn’t be. I was happy to help him down, and also happy when Bob boarded up the gap that he might have slipped into.

  4. I’m so glad Benji was okay, Susanne. I know that feeling all too well when I can’t find Crystal. Even when I know there is no way she could have gotten out since the last moment I had seen her. I’d swear they can teleport. 🙂 I’m glad you found and helped him down. Cats are brilliant but they aren’t magical or immortal. A distress call should not be ignored. Great big hug. 🐱

    • Thanks so much! They do get around! Yes, he was fine and probably could have gotten down on his own. But he seemed to want the help and the cry was unmistakable. I’m glad we boarded up the hole so he can’t accidentally fall in there. 🙂

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