Postcards from San Diego

We finally got the blue skies and sunshine one expects in San Diego (it rained yesterday while we hid in the museums at Balboa Park) so on this first day of 2019 we headed over to Coronado Island, home to Coronado Beach and the Hotel del Coronado, made famous in the classic film, “Some Like it Hot” – remember that one?

Temperatures were only in the low sixties but it was perfect for a walk on the beach and toes in the water.

We also swung by the hotel just to say we had.

It’s been a wonderful time in Southern California but I won’t be sorry to go home in a few days where I hope these two boys will be waiting and happy and forgiving.

Until then, Happy New Year!

– Susanne

18 Comments on “Postcards from San Diego

  1. Glad to see you had a good time in San Diego! My grandkids lived in that area for several years (they were both born there) and when we would go down to visit we always enjoyed it!

  2. I love San Diego. While Florida is the common destination for the East Coast search for sun, I far prefer southern California.

  3. How nice to see some pictures of my native hometown sunny San Diego tonight! I visited in October and (not having been to the hotel since my childhood) was shocked at just how many people were hanging out at the Hotel Del. It didn’t really detract from the experience, though. Thanks for sharing the great pictures!

  4. Great photos of the beach! Last time I was in the area, it was for a family trip to Legoland, ad that’s all my boys wanted to do. Since we live on and island, seeing another beach (albeit different from home) did not interest them at all. And I do remember “Some Like it Hot” (I’m dating myself, I know).

  5. My daughter went to college at UCSD so before we graduated we visited San Diego 2 or 3 times a year. She’s graduated and I miss going down and eating at Phil’s BBQ and then having dessert at Extraordinary Desserts.

    • I must have missed those eateries! We’ve been a few times but this was our longest stint so far. Beautiful city and I love Coronado Island. 🙂

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