More Fall Glory in Purple and Gold at Soos Creek Botanical Garden

I don’t mean to overdo it with the fall themed posts, but glory surrounds us this time of year in the Pacific Northwest and after a visit to Soos Creek Botanical Garden yesterday I had to share a few more pictures with you if only for the purple and gold.

Soos Creek Botanical Garden has several strolling gardens and I focused on the Carlmas Long Borders promenade, starting at the Schaefer Pond Garden.

I walked the sweeping lawn between the two mixed borders, absorbing the color and fragrance along with the fog and morning dew, not knowing what I might find tucked in among the trees and shrubs;

like roses still in bloom!

After my shoes were soaked through from the grass – yes, it was worth it – I walked the gravelly trails behind the borders.

I was especially smitten with the hydrangeas, not only with the flowers but with the purple leaves!

Or was it lavender?  Either way, I can’t remember seeing leaves in such a beautiful shade of purple before!

We have Maurice Skagen to thank for the garden, whose Norwegian ancestors purchased the initial property in the late nineteenth century. Additional land was acquired over time and in the 1980s, Maurice toured England and Japan and was inspired to create “stroll gardens.” A number of rare plants were purchased during these trips and others were added from nurseries around the Pacific Northwest.

The 22 acre garden is open to the public free of charge (donations welcome), Wednesday – Saturday through November 3rd, and will reopen again next March. For more information check out their website:

~ Susanne

4 Comments on “More Fall Glory in Purple and Gold at Soos Creek Botanical Garden

  1. We still have some yellow roses flowering here, but all the local foliage is still a dull green. It has stayed sunny and dry, so I suspect the colours of Autumn will be absent this year. Nice to see all your seasonal splendour, Susanne.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Thanks Pete. We still have wonderful color here everywhere. Even in the parking lots the maples are splendid in red and orange! I’m glad you can enjoy our Autumn since yours has gone missing. 🙂🍂🍃

  2. I hadn’t heard of this garden before so thanks for the link to the website. Maybe I’ll get down there some day!

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