Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Things People Drive

I was disappointed when Word Press stopped the Daily Post Prompts and Weekly Challenges as they used to help fuel my posts.   When my own inspiration ran dry, I could often rise up to a prompt or challenge.  Fortunately other bloggers have picked up the mantle including Cee’s Photography. The topic of Cee’s  Fun Foto Challenge this week is ‘Things People Drive’ so here you go!

How about this 1947 Lincoln?   I wish it was in my garage but I found it at the LeMay Car Museum in Tacoma.  It reminds me of an old Mercury we had when I was a kid.  The era I guess.  It was long and smooth and rounded and yellow, and could hold the whole family with all  five kids.  I  can remember standing on the back seat of that car – it was like a sofa and no seatbelts in those days –  holding an ice cream cone and when there was a bump in the road I anointed the car’s headliner with chocolate ice cream.  I can still see that smudged imprint on the interior.

Next up is a ferry boat.  I must have taken one across Puget Sound hundreds of times but honestly it never gets old.  The Washington State Ferry system is the largest in the country and fourth largest in the world in case you didn’t know.

My last picture comes from Gene Coulon Park. I photograph the sailboats of the Renton Sailing Club nearly every time I visit, as I did this morning under foggy skies. I used a manual setting for the picture and like the dreamy look I got.

There you have it!   Things People Drive.

~ Susanne

16 Comments on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Things People Drive

  1. How come those old cars don’t look so old to me? Says something about me! The kind I drove in high school now qualify for “historic” license plates here. Fee free.

  2. Great car and the boats bring back memories of my younger days when I used to sail on the gravel pits at Broxbourne, Herts…Thank you, Susanne 🙂

  3. I never tired of riding the ferries either, but catching them could be stressful, especially when their was an appointment or a flight to catch on the other side.

    • Our trips were always for pleasure and mostly stress free – and usually the Edmonds-Kingston run. Did you live in the area then? How long have you been on the Big Island?

      • I lived in Port Townsend for 30 or so years, so ferries were a regular mode of transport, either to Whidbey Island and north or to Seattle and the east. I’ve been on the Big Island for a little over 6 years. It’s quite a bit different (!) though I did have a tropical garden going in Port Townsend.

      • Ah, I love Port Townsend and the entire Olympic Peninsula. I love the Big Island too, though very different from here! 🙂

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