Benji Update

I’m happy to report that Benji is back to his feisty young self after a week of recovering from an infection and cellulitis.  (Here’s the story of his trip to the vet in case you missed it.)

All that remains is for him to grow back the bit of hair that was shaved  – though even without it he’s adorable. He’s been extra affectionate (as if that were possible) and sticking close to me as his way of saying thanks for helping him through the toughest times. This morning he kept vigil from the window ledge as I took my shower.

That’s my boy.

~ Susanne

16 Comments on “Benji Update

  1. I somehow missed that he was ailing. I am sorry to have not known at the time. I am so glad that he is back to his rascal self.

    • Thank you. Fortunately he let us know so we could take him to the vet for the proper care and medicine. It’s so good to have him happy and active again!

  2. Yay! I’m glad Benji is back to his old self. I was just thinking about him this morning wondering how he was doing! Now he can go on more adventures with Foster and Panda! 🐱🐼

    • Yes, he’s ready for more adventures!! thank you for thinking of him! btw, I love all your creative sculptures in your garden! You make it look easy but somehow I don’t think mine would turn out quite like yours! 🙂

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