Watching and Waiting

I really didn’t want to be there with so many dogs coming and going. Dogs looking bewildered, people looking troubled. Mostly I saw big heads leaning on big paws – the dogs not the people.  The people sat still and glum and stuck to themselves.  Not Sue. She was talking to a lady with worn hands and blue jeans. Who had a farm with lots of animals and she let them run around the place freely, except for the cattle which is only right.

“I never thought I’d have a pocket dog,” she told Sue. “I found him by the side of the road and he wouldn’t have made it if I hadn’t brought him home three years ago. Some things are meant to be.”

I knew exactly what she meant. I was rescued too.

She held a dog on her lap named Tom who was even smaller than me. Tom got bit but the lady didn’t blame the other dog.

“They usually get along, play together all the time. Something must have startled him. I’m not mad, that’s what I told the owner. Things happen. I took care of the wound already. Just came in for antibiotics.”

Sue thought that’s what I needed too, though she didn’t know why or what happened. I let her know I wasn’t feeling my best by hiding under the chair, but couldn’t tell her about the other cat. Maybe she wouldn’t blame him either.

“I feel bad telling people I let my cats go outside,” Sue was saying. “I’ve had cats my whole life and they’ve always been indoor-outdoor. They love it.  I don’t know how I could change that now.”

I hoped she wouldn’t. It’s paradise really.  Fresh grass.  Flowing fountain. Birds and bees to chase not to mention those pesky moles.  I can hold my own.  Usually.

The lady said no, she understood. “It’s part of nature for animals to be free like mine on the farm. Animals in nature don’t live in houses do they?”

They laughed together.

“So many dogs here,” Sue continued. “I wonder why.”

The farm lady laughed.  “Cats are smarter than dogs,” she said and Sue agreed.  So did I.

They were quiet then and Sue knelt down and peered into my box.

“Benji, sweet boy, I love you boy. It’s going to be okay.”

I knew that.  I wish I could let her know.  The most I could do was be still while watching and waiting.

Tom finally got to go back to the farm and we said goodbye.   I finally got to see the doctor and I was brave while they poked and prodded. I don’t remember much after that until Sue came and got me.  It’s good to be home again.  And it’s a good thing it’s raining so I won’t miss going outside for a while. At least that’s what Sue says.

~ Benji

P.S.  This is Susanne and Benji is doing fine. This post was inspired by real events and Lorna’s prompt – People Watching – over at Gin & Lemonade

19 Comments on “Watching and Waiting

  1. Oh my word Benj is soooo adorable in his cat carrier! I often feel kind of bad that I don’t let Foster go outside. I’ve always had indoor/outdoor cats too, and we had a pet door they could use. But since my husband passed away only a couple of months before I got Foster, I have this thing where I feel like I have to know where he is at all times. It may be a part of the grieving process, I don’t think I could handle him being outside and wondering what could be happening to him 😬But he does seem perfectly content in the house so that’s good. I guess everyone has to choose what they feel is best. 😊

    • Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. I totally understand. If I had it to do over again maybe I’d keep them indoors. But we have a nice big woodsy lot and they love it so much outside it’s hard to know. Thankfully the rainy season is upon us so they’ll want to stay in more.

      • Yes they will want to be cozy by the fireplace. 😀 There are 3 big pit bulls on the other side of the fence directly behind me, and I’m only 4 houses down from the frontage road for a major street, so it sounds like your area is much safer for cats anyway. 👍

      • Fortunately we don’t have any dogs around and our street is a quiet cul de sac. It’s the occasional stray cat that can be a problem. I’ll have to be more vigilant.

  2. A very nice cat’s-eye view of a trip to the Vet. Ollie sees it as a chance to meet new friends, but the smells drive him to distraction. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Thanks Pete. Benji was a very good patient even though we had hours of waiting as it was a weekend at the Emergency Vet. The dogs outnumbered the cats 10 to 1 in the waiting room so Ollie may not have minded the waiting. 😊🐱

  3. I had to pop in Sue as your title is the same as mine but two totally different stories which is great. Benji looks so cute in his carrier I do hope he is on the mend 🙂

  4. Awww…I’m glad that Benji is doing better! I love that you wrote from his perspective; I didn’t realize it at first and laughed when I realized that it couldn’t possibly be a human hiding under a chair! 😀 I always wonder what my sister’s cat Murphy is thinking because he is so expressive.

    • Thank you so much for your comment! I’m glad you enjoyed the story. Benji is much better and begged to go out today. I relented. 😊🐱

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