Cats are not Dogs

This is obvious of course but I was thinking particularly about travel. On our recent trip to the Oregon Coast we saw many happy dogs with their owners, around town and especially walking, running and cavorting about on the beach.   I saw no cats doing the same.  Apparently they were all left behind as were mine.

Tiger the gentle giant.

Benji the spunky upstart.

Aren’t they cute?  Yes they are but they like to be cute at home, in their own territory, not in a moving vehicle, or a box,  and especially not on a leash.  Tiger and Benji not only prefer home, but they prefer home with the in and out privileges to which they are accustomed. And so it was, that earlier in the week, this exchange occurred (in word or in deed), shortly before our planned departure.

Benji:  “Please, please let me go out, if not I shall run around like a crazy cat and terrorize Tiger.”

Tiger:  “Please, please, let me go out, if not I shall be tormented by the crazy youngster.”

Me:  “You boys will be fine inside. We’re leaving plenty of food. Canned for starters and all the dry you can eat. Fresh water, at multiple locations. You’ll have the run of the place. You may even jump on the counters while we’re gone (though I don’t recommend it) but who would know? You can sleep all hours of the day wherever you choose. Make all the noise you want. You’ll have great fun, I promise. And it’s only three days. So sorry, I can’t let you out this morning.”

Benji:  “Please, please, Sue, I can’t control myself! You must let me out!”

Me:  “Settle down you wild thing. Tiger’s looking scared.”

We continue our packing as Tiger disappears to a safe place and Benji  finally gives up, resigned to his fate.  Smart boy, that Benji. I pet him one last time, brush his soft, soft fur, and tell him we won’t be gone long.

We go.

We return.

And yes, I miss them.

~ Susanne

6 Comments on “Cats are not Dogs

  1. Do they use a litter tray when you are away then? One benefit of cats over dogs, they can amuse themselves. Dogs have to be taken with you, hence all those you saw with their owners. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Yes, they each have their own litter box inside which they use when they’re in the house. They do fine for a few days alone. If we’re longer we have our neighbors come over daily, freshen the water, let them out if they want, etc. It works well. It would have been more fun to take them to the beach, but only if they were dogs! 🙂

  2. I sooo know what you mean! I always miss Foster even if I’m only gone one night! He does fine, and, like you, I have dry food (he doesn’t care for canned) and water in 2 locations, and he and Panda pretty much entertain themselves. But still…😕🐱🐼

    • I’m glad you understand! I was afraid to be seen as a bad cat parent but everyone I know who has cats will leave them alone for a few days and they do fine. No good alternative as they would hate to be boarded somewhere. But I always miss them! 😊🐱

    • Thanks Elizabeth. Travel doesn’t agree with them and ‘boarding’ them somewhere would be even worse. I think they’re fine when we’re gone for a few days and they keep each other company.

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