For the Birds

I turned on the stream for the birds to drink and drenched the trees with water for them to shower.  All the regulars were there and grateful.  The chickadees and nuthatches flitted about through the wet foliage, calling to one another and ruffling their feathers, while the hummingbirds hovered, waiting to get their share.

Down below some new visitors especially enjoyed the stream.

Smaller than a chickadee, these tiny songbirds are golden crowned kinglets, and I was happy to have them drop by.

~  Susanne

4 Comments on “For the Birds

    • I didn’t know there weren’t any hummingbirds in England! I have a family of them living in and around my backyard, and have special feeders for them, though they also enjoy the flowering plants. I love watching them as they hover and dart about. I tried getting a good picture for this post but they mostly come out as a blur! I’ll keep trying! 🙂

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