Remembering the Hoh Rain Forest

As we eagerly wait for rain to clear the smoky skies, it seems like a good time to remember a beautiful place where rain is king – the Hoh Rain Forest.  Just four hours west of Seattle in Olympic National Park, it’s one of the best examples of temperate rain forest in the world and averages  12 – 14 feet of rain per year!  We camped there recently, rain-free, next to the Hoh River and walked the trails through the rain forest.

The upper story is composed of conifers many over 200 feet tall, primarily Sitka Spruce, Western Hemlock and Douglas Fir.  That’s me standing in front of a giant Sitka Spruce.

The lower story consists of Vine Maples and Big Leaf Maples draped in moss, and of course lots of ferns. The pictures below were taken on the Hall of Mosses Trail and include Bob, my husband and tour guide.

As beautiful as the trees are,  I wouldn’t want to be lost in these woods at night,  where they might wake up and grab unsuspecting hikers!

After the Hall of Mosses, we took the Spruce Trail through a younger section of the forest,

and passed by Taft Creek which sparkled in the sunlight.

Eventually we reached the banks of the Hoh River and paused to enjoy its raw beauty.

It was a wonderful visit though too short, and honestly a bit too crowded on the trails during the busy summer months.  I’d love to return to the Hoh again, perhaps in late spring or fall when rain is falling and the mosses are dripping wet.  Or maybe I’m a bit crazy for rain after  our hot, dry, and smoky summer.  Maybe both.

~ Susanne

15 Comments on “Remembering the Hoh Rain Forest

  1. My sister and her fiancé just visited there a few weeks ago and said it was beautiful. I have always wanted to go.

    • Thanks Pete. We’ve had such a long dry spell I really am missing a good rain. The trees of the Hoh rain forest are special. But I think the rain falls mainly in the winter months so it’s usually pretty dry when I’ve gone there.

  2. I camped there one time and it was 90°. It seemed a bit wrong somehow, all that greenery and moss and I was frying. A great place to visit though.

    • Yes, I agree it’s rather strange to be in hot and dry weather in the middle of a rain forest! I really do want to go back again when it’s raining. Thanks for your comment. 🙂

  3. So beautiful! I went there on Saturday, and it was sooo worth the drive. The mosses make you feel like fairies and elves live out there, lol!

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