What is it? Unlikely You’ll Know

While walking down a garden trail I saw from a distance a great beehive, the largest one I’d ever seen. ‘Those bees were surely clever to have made such a home,’ I thought.

‘Highly unlikely,’ I realized as I drew nearer for it indeed was huge and made of wooden blocks.

‘Perhaps a home to bats or birds?’

But as I approached I realized that too was unlikely as it was not soiled as one might suppose it should be if birds or bats lived in it.

‘Then what is it?’ I asked myself again.

A work of art the sign said.

Built from the salvaged wood of old grain elevators from Eastern Washington, “it is a catenary dome, 10 feet in diameter by 13’ 6” high. When curved walls are built from square cut timber, wedge-shaped voids appear where the boards meet. Daggers of light split the dark space within, rising to the apex in a tightening spiral.”

At Bellevue Botanical Garden, for this week’s photo challenge:  Unlikely

~ Susanne

10 Comments on “What is it? Unlikely You’ll Know

  1. No, I didn’t guess correctly and like you would love to see from the inside out especially with the sun out 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment Carol. I saw pictures online of the interior and it looks beautiful with the spiral light patterns. 🙂

      • You are welcome, Susanne I will check it out I am sure it looks awesome 🙂

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