Photo shoot with the Handsome Tiger

“What’s the matter Tiger?  You look a little down.”

“Oh I don’t know Sue. Feeling a little blue,” he said.

“Yeah, some days are like that Tiger.  But anyway, you still look good!   In fact, I know what’ll cheer you up!  Let’s do a photo shoot!”

“I don’t know Sue,” he said. “I don’t feel very handsome today.”

“Oh but you are Tiger!  Trust me.  Come on, show me that strong right profile of yours.”

“You mean like this?”  he said.

“Yes Tiger, that’s it!  What a handsome boy you are!  Such poise!  Such dignity!”

“Aw thanks Sue.  How about this for my left side?”

“Perfect Tiger!  Love the paw too!”

“Thanks Sue,” he said.  “I threw that in for you. And you know what?  You’re right!  I feel much  better now.”

“I’m so glad, Tiger!  Sometimes we just need someone to root for us.”

~  from the studio of Susanne and Tiger

25 Comments on “Photo shoot with the Handsome Tiger

  1. He was certainly posing well, Susanne. I wish I could get Ollie to sit still for the camera like that!
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Effie poses well, even if she’s a tad too kinetic sometimes for my camera’s optimal shutter speed! ^-.-^

    • Effie’s pictures are always quite lovely and befitting a princess. Tiger stays still longer than Benji and was quite cooperative for this photo shoot. I’m thinking he needed the attention!

  3. Can’t tell you how much I enjoy having a cat vicariously through you since my husband’s allergies prevent me having one here.

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