Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

Here we are in the dead of Seattle winter, and still I find new growth in the old growth forest of Schmitz Park.

This 200 ft. Douglas Fir supports a fallen Cedar resting on it.

And new growth abounds on shrubs nearer the ground.


11 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

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    • Thank you so much! The Weekly Photo Challenge comes from The Daily Post. Click on the link at the bottom of my post (‘Growth’) and it will take you to their page. Check out the menu across the top for Prompts and Challenges and you’ll learn all about it! You can also follow the Daily Post. 🙂

    • We still see the logging trucks here but mainly on the Olympic Peninsula. I’m thankful that at least some of the forests and trees in Washington have been preserved. Schmitz Park is in the middle of West Seattle but someone had the foresight years ago to see that it was protected. We have a few parks like that in the city.

  2. So nice to see the growth in the dead of winter. The growth picture reminds me that even when we feel like we’re done growing, there is always something that teaches us we’re never done growing.

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