Dahlias, the Final Act

I love the freshness and variety found in the spring garden. But you can’t beat dahlias for the final act.

~ Susanne

6 Comments on “Dahlias, the Final Act

  1. They are gorgeous, Susanne.

    Vic is going to plant some in Effieland next Spring. We had lovely dahlias in Tacoma.

      • We’ve had them before, but they were killed by an exceptional frost in Tacoma. But yes, they are wonderful!

  2. I had a student named Dahlia once! I’ve never tried to plant them…I wonder if you can even grow them here in Fresno? The weather might be too hot…

    • Cute name! I’m not sure how much hot weather they tolerate. Have you seen them growing anywhere in Fresno? If not, maybe they don’t do well there.

      • I haven’t paid much attention to whether there are any around but I will look it up. It is a good idea to see what is going around town to plan what to plant! 😊

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