A Harrowing Night in the Shed

This is Tiger and do I have a harrowing tale for you!  It all started out innocently enough yesterday. Benji and I were sporting about in the garden, helping Bob and Sue with various tasks, digging, chasing, and advising on work to be done.  Bob and Sue tired of the work before I did, while Benji went off to play in the woods. When raindrops started to fall I sought refuge in the shed as the door was open and welcoming.

I must have been really tired.  I dozed off and on for what seemed like hours until I woke up, disoriented to a freezing, dark and dingy room. As my eyes adjusted I could make out the tools and rakes and gloves and chairs and remembered I had entered the shed earlier.  I heard the owls hooting in the woods and the scuffling of the small night beasts and knew it must be after midnight.  How I  wished I was snuggled in grandma’s warm room having a midnight snack of kibble!  But that once welcoming shed door was shut and I was trapped inside.  I shuddered and pondered my fate.

Long ago fears rose up reminding me I’d been abandoned before.  Old lives came back to haunt me bringing memories like arrows with them.  Had Sue given me up?  Humans were changeable after all. I tried hard not to panic and replaced my fears with all the good memories of Sue and Bob and Grandma (and even Benji.)

Then from a distance. It was Sue.  She was calling, calling, calling.  I cried back as loud as I could though it seemed in vain; she was so far away. I cried louder and her voice got louder in return and I knew she was approaching.  In the yard.  Near.

“I’m here!,”  I said.  “In here!  In the shed!”

And when she opened the door I had never been so happy to see her.

“Oh Tiger!” she said with love and concern and (dare I say) remorse in her voice.

“Poor boy!  What are you doing in there??”  And I knew that she had been roused from her sleep to seek me out and they hadn’t really meant to trap me in there; she was a good human after all and really did love me.  And so I followed her into the warmth of the house and accepted her apologies which were heartfelt and profuse.

It wasn’t easy.  But I do feel stronger for having survived such a night.  I shall have to tell Benji all about it.  And it was great to see the humans come through.  I always knew they would.

~ Tiger

6 Comments on “A Harrowing Night in the Shed

  1. Wow, Tiger you were very brave indeed! And so resourceful, telepathically reaching out to Sue! I’m glad you were found well, cheered, and grateful. ^-.-^

    • Yes, dear sweet Tiger is so forgiving! We humans will need to be more careful before shutting the shed door! 🙂 Susanne

  2. I feel sure you would have survived one night, Tiger. But thanks to Sue’s concern, you were spared the discomfort.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. Oh my word, poor Tiger! And of all things, my sister’s cat recently got locked in the neighbor’s shed for a whole week! Foster has been planning to do a post about it pretty soon too! So glad you found Tiger when you did!

    • Oh! A week in the shed would be terrible! 😐 I hope he was okay! I’m so glad I found Tiger after a few hours when I heard him crying in the nught. thankful for that! ☺ Susanne

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