One March day in Seattle

Rain, rain, rain.




For the day,

for the month,

and the year.

What would it be to go outside,

for feet to stay dry?

To hear quiet and birdsong

or nothing at all?

But wait!


What is it?

Go and see before it’s gone!


Blue Sky!

O the Joy!

~  Susanne

6 Comments on “One March day in Seattle

  1. I generally write a lot about rain, as you know. However, I have to be grateful for two lovely days on the 15th and 16th, with a real feel of summer.
    It’s not going to last though. Heavy rain forecast for tonight, and all weekend. The price we pay for living in ‘temperate’ climates, I suppose.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • I was born and raised here so I should be used to it. But this has been a long wet winter! We’ve had more rain since last October than we normally get in a year. Yesterday was a very nice and unexpected reprieve. I’m glad you got some good weather for your birthday celebration. We’ll take it when it comes! 😊

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