Go outside and play she said

Benji here and that is what she said as she pushed me out the door.  Even though it was pouring rain.

I don’t like the rain and get crazy bored inside.  Nothing small and living to chase. Hardly any bugs to eat (though I do find a few on the firewood.)   I wish I was more like Tiger. He loves to go outside rain or shine and stays completely dry in places known to him alone. All I get is wet and I don’t like it. Sue knows that yet she still insisted I go out today. I don’t know why.

It started when she was taking a shower and I decided to join her in the bathroom.  I like to be where she is.  Only higher.  The window ledge for instance.  Which is where I jumped.  Only I wanted to see outside.  I tried really hard, but I just couldn’t get the window open!

She must have heard the noise.  When she poked her head out of the shower, I could tell she wasn’t happy.  (Humans have a way of letting you know these things.)  So okay, I got down, navigating carefully across the tops of narrow shelves until I reached the best spot on the towels and waited for her. Patiently I might add.

When she was finally done, I was ready to play. I tried everything to get her attention, but nothing worked. I guess even humans have their bad days.  Maybe the rain is getting to her too.

The next thing you know the back door is opening and with a bump on the rump she says go outside and play. Kind of a ‘here’s your hat what’s your hurry.’  So I did.

I shall have to ask Tiger to share his secret place with me. Until then I will remain, the slightly wet and mostly housebound,


5 Comments on “Go outside and play she said

  1. I’m certain Effie would weigh in with you on this, Benji, although the indoor-outdoor thing at our house is the reverse of yours. She yowls to go out and I let her have her way and release her into Effieland–otherwise, “the noise, the noise!” She’s just so happy there!

    • Our Benji seems to be a fair weather cat. He loves outside, but not the rain. So it’s a real dilemma for him.. We are both anxiously waiting clear skies and sunshine. This has been a long and wet winter! 🙂

      • Our winter was long, cold, and wet, too. It’s spring now–sunny 50s after a cloudy 40s morning. And, we have daffodil and tulip leaves sprouting! Alas, the deer consumed our crocus bulbs. Bambi’s gotta eat!

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