Hiking at Nolte State Park…

One thing I love about living in the Pacific Northwest is the proximity to the woods and many trails.  Today we went to Nolte State Park and hiked around Deep Lake.  Okay walked, not hiked. The well maintained and level loop trail was only a mile and a quarter in length but included all the usual moss-covered trees, old growth Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar one expects on a hike in the Northwest.  The cold, fresh forest air is bound to cure whatever ails you. So much to enjoy for so little effort didn’t quite seem fair.

Though not technically the rain forest I’m not sure I can tell the difference.  Size maybe?  Anyway this was closer.

The lake itself was frozen solid and stones thrown and bouncing across its surface echoed throughout the park.


When our hands were as cold as the icy lake, we headed back to the car, and crossed the one lane bridge over the Green River Gorge, stopping to view the river far below.

Then on to the Historic Bakery in Black Diamond where we enjoyed this view of Mt. Rainier outside our window, along with our sandwiches.


A simple and satisfying day.

~ Susanne

7 Comments on “Hiking at Nolte State Park…

  1. The Black Diamond Bakery was a frequent bicycle destination in our Tacoma days.
    I love the moss, too.

      • We used the roads. It’s been so long I don’t remember our route. Anyway, bakeries aren’t my beat since becoming gluten intolerant, and amazingly and happily, I don’t miss them.

  2. Great photos…how far from your house is this? Amazing that the Pacific Northwest offers such beauty so close to home…

    • Thanks John.. Just a 30 or 40 minute drive south of my house. I too am still impressed by all the beauty around here! 🙂

  3. I can almost breathe in that fresh air, Susanne! The gorge looks wonderful, and that’s a great photo of it too.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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